Astral-Heatstar is a joint enterprise combining the Heatstar product range of swimming pool dehumidifiers, air heating and water heating energy efficient control systems together with Astralpool’s product range and services.

Heatstar only manufacture dedicated equipment for swimming pools and all products are designed and produced in the UK. All quotations, selections and proposals for Heatstar systems are prepared following a complete survey and/or technical appraisal by swimming pool experts.

The comprehensive information provided to customers includes projections of consumptions of energy, fuel and even carbon emissions. Heatstar manufacture the products to be fully compliant with the latest building regulations and are able to offer comprehensive advice in this area.

Heatstar units can be manufactured with many different types of orientation (to match existing ducting, plant room layout etc) and to cater for particular requirements. Every unit Heatstar manufacture is tailored to the precise individual requirements of the application, obviating the need to under or oversize performance aspects or tolerate inappropriate equipment room layout, as can be the case with ‘off the shelf’ products.

Astralpool: Astralpool has over 40 years experience in the pool market and is the benchmark in the world of pool products. They provide equipment for pools for public use, competition pools, water parks, spas, wellness and domestic pools. ASTRALPOOL UK LTD are the sole UK distributors for the Heatstar product range.