Phoenix EC swimming pool environmental control solution offers dual heat recovery methods for expelled room air

Encompassing energy saving technologies and compliant with the latest building control regulations for both residential and non-residential applications.

The Phoenix EC represents the optimum environmental control solution for indoor swimming pools.

Phoenix ECHybrid system – dual heat recovery methods for expelled room air

  • UK building regulations compliant for both residential & non-residential pools
  • Dual function dehumidifying and expelled room air heat pump
  • Full rate fresh air ventilation with ‘Cross Flow’ heat recuperator


  • ‘Blue-EC’ ultra efficient digital inverter fan system
  • ‘Auto fan’ intelligent air recirculation fan management
  • Active heat recycling into room air and pool water via dehumidifier
  • Room air and pool water integral support heating provision
  • Central ventilation with room air recirculation
  • Fully compliant with ‘Eco-Design’ Directive (ERP) 2015

For further information : Tel: 01329 514000






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